Van Conversion Kit

DIY Camper Van for Promaster & Transit

We design & manufacture perfect fit products for Ram ProMaster Vans & Ford Transit vans... DIY camper van conversion or have us install your conversion kit.  We've built our product line to be modular, meaning you can easily plug & play our products, change configuration & completely change designs easily. We've spent enough time in the van to know, each trip needs a slightly different layout.
Why Get Locked Into One Layout, When You Can Have Them All?

Paradigm Basecamp 

Adventure Van Conversion Kit

Price: $16,995

Modular Systems

We started Paradigm Vans with the intention of making it easy and affordable to modify & build an adventure van without sacrificing quality & style.

What's Included?

Galley, Battery Box, Insulation, Framing, panels, flooring, L-Track System, Wheel Well Boxes with Fold-up Bed system & installation parts.

Deposit: $1,000

Purchase Instructions:
  1. Deposit: start your conversion kit order with a $1,000 deposit.
    This will reserve your spot and begin the conversation with the Paradigm Vans Team.
  2. Configuration: Decide on all conversion kit options & finalize the order.
  3. Downpayment: a 50% down payment will start production.
    You'll receive an invoice with instructions for down payment & final payment.
  4. Production: Current production turnaround time is 2 weeks.
  5. Delivery:  Pickup is free, Shipping will be quoted. 
  6. Installation Option: $2400


This beautifully crafted galley has a great look and is built to withstand the test of time.  Framed with anodized aluminum for strength and wrapped in beautiful Baltic birch, this galley has soft close drawers with slam latch handles that will keep the drawers locked shut (and Rattle Free) on the roughest roads.  The wood is finished with very durable urethane to give years of easily cleanable use.  The Ruvati sink is the perfect size and boasts a 9 inch depth which is larger than most sinks you will find in camper vans. 

Not Included: electrical & plumbing fixtures.

Battery Box

This sturdy storage addition to the kit is built with an anodized aluminum frame that is resistant to water and corrosion and very light weight as well.  Covered in Baltic birch plywood with urethane coating to stand up to years of abuse and weather.  The box is the perfect size to store items or be used as the electrical box for the house battery system.  The box vent is machined from aluminum to provide for venting and temperature management.  This vent allows for the main compartment of the van and the battery box to equalize. Keeping the batteries warmer in cold weather leads to better battery performance and lifespan.  Plus, we think the aluminum just looks pretty cool.  We hope you like the touch.

The compartment is accessed without tools using screw knobs, so you never need to hunt for tools when you require quick access to fuses, breakers or other electrical system components.

We recommend a 12v Chest Fridge from Whynter, which just happens to fit perfectly on top of this box making the perfect height additional counter space (ask us for details).

Panels & Framing

Now lets get to that part that everyone see's.  The beautiful tweed wrapped panels that complete the look for a streamlined professional finish in your new adventure van.  Panels cut to fit perfectly in the Promaster wrapped in a long lasting durable tweed fabric that is designed for this application.  The panels are cut from a durable plywood that is renewable and grown on tree farms in the USA.  These panels are renewable and help decrease the cutting of tropical wood from rain forests.  The panels are attached with our custom made framing system that allows the paneling to fit uniformly and perfect every time.  The tweed fabric looks great and also helps to dampen sound as well. 

2 Layer Insulation System

Our kit includes a 2 layer insulation system.  

The first layer is a reflective solar shield that is placed against the shell of the van.  Over the solar shield is a thick second layer of 3M Thinsulate to improve heat retention in winter and keep the van cool in summer.  The insulation also creates a great sound dampening effect and makes the van very quiet as well.  

Sound Deadening:
In addition to the sound dampening effect of the insulation, the wheel wells are covered in Butyl Automotive Sound Deadener, for Audio Noise Insulation and dampening. Then wrapped in tweed to create a great look and limit road noise.  

All layers are hydrophobic and offer years of good performance with no moisture retention. 

You will be impressed and happy with this system. We designed this insulation system so you can have years of worry free trips.

Modular Bed, Storage & L-Track Mountings

Our Fold up bed system converts your van into a truck bed, Work table & RV Queen size bed.  When you're not traveling your van truck bed can fit sheets of plywood or furniture easily.

We put L-Track in all the right places, so you can change the modular layout of your adventure van. Securing cargo with easy to attach L-track & tie downs is now simple. Bikes, motorcycles, snowboards, Kayaks, Paddle/surf boards and more are now easy to secure in the gear garage.

Our Wheel well boxes have open air & close door storage features to meet all your packing needs from: Wet gear & helmets to small propane tanks & personal items.  

Check out our overhead soft storage bags for a great addon to utilize your overhead space for storage.

Addon options

The Comfort Cot - "Cowabunka"

Stemming from the idea and goal of having a four season van, came the birth of a lightweight comfortable sleep system. Perfect for when you want to bring along a third and fourth friend/family member. Expand the number of people who come on your road trip adventures & share the experiences & views you see along the way!

These cots are lightweight and can be adjusted up and down by a single person. Cinch them up to the ceiling during the day for extra room & store your bedding up and out of the way. They can also easily be removed, in the event they are not needed for every trip.

Keeping it modular
Our custom aluminum support brace can be used with one or two bunks. This means sleeping configurations are modular with minimal form factor changes for 1 or 2 cots, while maintaining structural load bearing comfort & safety.

Made for comfort
The cots are designed with a flexible frame & and stretch material. The creative suspension system supports along the curve of the human body better than a standard cot.

Made to fit a full size person
They are load tested to hold a 250lb person safely and comfortably. With a length of 6'2", the comfort cot can accommodate a grown ass man (or woman). Enjoy the gift that these can be inside a heated van for four adults!

Support Brace:
This 1.5" thick aluminum brace is built to last. It has been engineered to easily support two bunks with a combined total weight of up to 500lbs. Check out our video to see the stress test we put on a bunk and the brace. We think it will instill confidence! If like us you are one of those people who hates to limit friends on your adventures these bunks and brace double your sleep space in an insulated van! And anyway, it's pretty fun to lay back at night and just recount the days adventures before drifting off to sleep. The brace can be mounted anywhere along the L-track, but we have a recommended placement that matches up with the bunk frame.

Overhead Storage Bags

Made in USA! Need we say more? Our overhead storage bags are hand sewn, semi rigid, with mesh sides that allow for airflow & easy sight to stored goods. These bags are durable and will last for years.

A More Efficient Storage Solution
Lightweight items are now stored up and out of the way, utilizing the vertical space more efficiently. If you have spent any time on a road trip you know how valuable using that vertical space really is.

Bags are easily mounted when you need them & removed when you don't. The bags attach to the base Paradigm kit L-track or any L-track lugs. The bags come with 4 grommets on the top, for attachment to the ceiling and two grommets on the rear for attachment to the wall if needed.

Bag Dimensions: 24" wide, 12" deep and 12" tall.

Insulated Window Covers (Blackout)

Made for privacy & to add insulation over the windows, these insulated window covers are a must have for #vanlife & #adventurevanlife people (our people).

These are handcrafted 100% made in the USA products.

Insulation R-Value: 7
Yes, we have an R-Value rating. Our proprietary multi-layered fabric uses insulation, foil e-barrier & another layer of insulation. We recognize & have designed for radiant, conductive & convective heat transfer & energy loss. Our method uses air gaps, insulation, foil e-barrier & an addition insulated layer to maximize the insulative properties & produce R-Values that are second to none.

Fabric & Colors
We use a light side & dark side, to provide for black out and stealth camping in populated areas.

Motion Window - Perfect Fit Spacer

We build spacers for your newly installed Motion Window.   We make it easy to get that perfect fit and finish.

Additional Services

Electrical & Plumbing

Want us to finish your adventure van with plenty of onboard Lithium battery power & plumbing that include 200+ AMP Hours & a hot water shower?

Use our Van Build Form to start a conversation with our team.


We sell & install a high efficiency Air Heater, that runs off the van fuel source. It's efficient, easy to maintain & takes up minimal space, requiring no additional fuel source or excessive battery power.

Seat 4 with "The Stowaway Bench"

Seat 4 & Sleep 4 in a Four Season Adventure Van?  Yep... we've designed a layout that puts everyone inside with your gear in all four seasons.

Check out "The Stowaway Bench Seat" as our most popular way to travel with 4 people in your Ford or Ram camper van.

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