Ford Transit camper van

Start your adventure in A Converted AWD Ford Transit

Adventure Van Conversions near Portland & Vancouver

We design & manufacture perfect fit Camper Van Conversion Parts for the Ford Transit 148 High Roof (other models coming soon).  Our van build is modular, meaning you can easily fold away or add/remove items to totally change the configuration of your van. 
Why Get Locked Into One Layout, When You Can Have Them All?

New for 2021

Ford Transit 148 High Roof AWD

Four Season
Spring     Summer     Fall     Winter
Four Person
Seats 4     Sleeps 4


Ford Transit Adventure Van

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Buy: Ready to Drive

Buy or Buy into a Build Spot

Our Pre-Built Vans go fast, so our website isn't always up to date. 

Use the request form or call us to see what's available or coming available soon. 
(360) 218-0303


We do the full conversion, so you can drive away in a fully ready to go 4 season van. Professional fit & finish, plumbing, electrical, windows, roof rack, etc... We do it all.

Have a van? 
We take six to eight weeks to convert your van. Our schedule is always changing, contact us & request info about available build start dates.

Need a Van?
Buy one of ours, or custom order a van with us.  We can help you order a van with minimal haggling & minimal time to complete a transaction. 

New or Used?
Yes!  we build on both new & used van chassis.

Which Models?
Contact us before buying your van, we'll help you make sure it's compatible with our Four Season Van Build.


Van Conversion Pricing: 
A full build with added windows, plumbing, electrical that seats & sleeps 2-4 people will be in the $53,000 - $65,000 price range, depending on options.

Ready to drive vans 
Prices vary with van & build options.
Range: $119k - $126k

Van Delivery

Your van will be available for pickup in Vancouver, WA USA, or we can deliver to your home in the Portland Vancouver area. A Paradigm Van team member will walk you though all the features, systems & owners manuals.


We don't finance directly, but can point you to some local banks that our other clients have used.

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All Cabinets Are Built On

Aluminum Framing

This might Seem minor, but it makes a huge difference. All our cabinets are secured to the van body for safety & no-rattle!  Built with machine screws/nuts/bolts - means they don't rattle loose like wood screws.
  • Light weight (stronger & lighter than wood/steel)
  • Strong (purpose built for van builds)
  • Safety (mounted to the van body)
  • Durable (machine screw assembly)
  • Rattle free (unlike wood screws or nails)
Welded Aluminum Framing for all cabinets & boxes means safety, strength. lightweight & No Rattle Adventure Camper Van

What will you do with your Adventure van?

"We love our Paradigm Basecamp, it's more than just a Great Camper Van!"

Versatile & Ready to Go 

Yep . . . We designed for that:

  • It's my pickup truck when not traveling. (Fold Up Bed System)
  • Seat & Sleep 2, 3, or 4. (The Stowaway Fold Up Bench Seat)
  • Road Trip/Day trip with all the comforts of home
  • Winter: Ski/Snow board/Snowmobile trips with room for friends
  • Summer: Beach/Surf/Paddle Board/Kayak/Boating/Powersport/Mt Bike/Motorcycle 
  • Weekend getaways for 2
  • Date Night: Dinner With A View
  • What will you do with your Adventure Van . . ? 

Perfect Weekend

Shift to adventure in a custom van that's ready to go at a moments notice. Join the VanLife . . . Adventure, Explore & Go to the places you've always dreamed of.

at home everywhere

Stay Warm in Winter
Stay Cool in Summer
Onboard Power
Onboard Hot Water
No Need to setup/teardown camp again

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